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Yeshivat Hesder Shilo was founded in 1979 and today 180 students including 25 Kollel members study under the guidance of the Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Mcihael Brom.

As a Hesder Yeshiva, the students of Shilo combine intensive Yeshiva studies with full-combat army service in the IDF. After completing the five-year rpogram, some students opt to further their rabbinic studies in the Kollel, eventually receiving the highly regarded Semicha of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. Other stdents certif as teachels with an academic degree (B.Ed) in the Lifshicz Teachers Sominary, with which the Yeshiva is affiliated.

The Yeshiva maintains a program for foriegn students which attracts boys from North America, Australia and Souch Africa for a rewarding year of concentrated yeshiva studies. Shilo's alumn are involved in all areas of society, and serve as an invaluable bridge between secular and religious Jews in Israel and the Diaspora.

Shilo- Past and Prosent The Yeshiva is located in the modern village of Shilo north of Jeursalem. Perched on a Samarian hilltop it offers a magnificent view of the surrounding hillsides and the remains of the ancient city of Shilo, site of the Tabernacle, and the capital of Israel for over three and a haly centuries. Today, imbued with the aura of that ancient metropolis, the Yeshiva has revived the tradition of Shilo as a center of Torat Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael.

The Yeshiva is in the process of a major expansion. The new Beit Midrash is almost completed, complete with a new Library, classrooms, and Beit Knesset, thanks to the generosity of Rabbi and Mrs. Gutnick. At the same time, we are attempting to build dormitories to house the new students. For years Shilo's overflow has been housed in deteriorating mobile homes, and even in these there is not sufficient space for the envisioned population of the expanded Yeshiva.

In light of the recent tragedy, when Kollel student Benny Shoham and his wife Bat-Sheva were attacked on the road, and their five month old son Yehuda (may his blood be avenged) was killed by a large rock, in conjunction with the Yeshiva, they have decided to dedicate the dormitories in his name. Upon completion, they are to be called Kiryat Yehuda.

The immediate urgent necessity is to build new dormitory buildings to replace the existing inadequate mobile facilities. Work has started on five separate dormitory units, two floors per unit. Each floor, which has its own separate entrance, comprises four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom facilites, and a central kitchenette / sitting area. There is space for three students per bedroom. Upon completion of all five units, the new dormitory will have facilities for 120 students.

Fundraising for the Yeshiva is handled in the U.S. through the American Friends of Shilo.
Contributions can be sent to:
American Friends of Shilo.
c/o Conway
1333 Broadway
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Please note on the check that the funds are to go towards Kiryat Yehuda, the new dormitory.

All contributions are Tax-Deductible.



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