I have found that in addition to people buying my Bookmarks, various organizations like to buy them in quantity to distribute at gatherings, occassions, or to supporters.
To accomodate them I offer special prices for larger orders.

1-20 Bookmarks $2.50 apiece
20-100 Bookmarks $2 apiece
More than 100 Bookmarks $1.50 apiece

The quantity prices are for total number of Bookmarks, meaning you can mix from the various kinds and still receive the lower price.
There is a $3 mailing & handling charge for every Bookmark order, regardless of the number of Bookmarks ordered. (Meaning you can order 20 or 50 and still pay only $3!)

English Bookmarks Quantity
This little number is guaranteed to bring all the grandmothers to tears.
Tells the story of the Little Engine That Could. In Portugese.
Tree of Life.
Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.
give`em your hart

Hebrew Bookmarks Quantity
God's my candle.
Tree of Life.
Work it with Love, Bring it with Exhiliration.
LOVE God with All your Heart.
With the good, and the bad, with every which desire.
It is your privilege to follow God's will, and be most happy. Always
Look it up, look it down. Keep it in mind, all over town.

All Bookmarks are high-quality color reproductions of my original works, laminated to protect them and add structural integrity.

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