There are two ways to look at a ketuba. It can be seen as a promissory note, sealing a wedding, and something one will never use again, as the marriage should endure. For this, a standard printed document is certainly sufficient.

But there are those who see this as a central part of the ceremony establishing the sanctity of the relationship between a man and woman in their marriage. And for them, there is often a desire that this document will express something of the holiness and devotion of the moment.

In making a ketuba, I combine two forms- the traditional text (as chosen, or sometimes altered by each couple), and illustrations. This can range from the simple decorative, to designs or drawings of your choosing.

Each ketuba of mine is a wholly individual creation, for the specific couple, attempting to see through their eyes what they want to express. I would be happy to work with you and create something which says what you want to say at your wedding.

Here are some examples of ketubas I have done:

(Click on any of the pictures for a larger view)

Please contact me with any inquiries, or to talk about the possibility of creating a ketuba for you. Contact me by email with inquiries or we can arrange a time to speak by telephone..

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