Special Orders - Original Works

I love to take an idea and run with it. If you have a favorite verse from the Torah, the Prophets, or Psalms or Proverbs, I would be happy to do a special piece based on the verse. I can either use your ideas if you have a direction, or do something on my own.

As opposed to the reproductions on the rest of the site, these are original and uinque works of art. I can also do high quality reproductions in addition to the original, which people sometimes like as special 'door-prizes' for special occassions.

I enjoy doing special pieces with the name of a child or person you would like to honor. I usually gather a number of related verses, either with the name, or characteristics of the individual that I would like to highlight, and then paint a picture that frames and captures some of that nature too. I've included two examples below:

Contact me first by email and we can arrange a time to speak by telephone.

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I can be reached by email at ketoret@gmail.com, or by regular mail:
Tamar Spero
Mobile Post Efraim
IsraelTamar can also be reached by telephone at:
In Israel: 02-9942156
Outside of Israel: 972-2-9942156