This is my primary work. I am a teacher of Torah and Tanach, and attempt to express my ideas about the relation of God to this world through my paintings. I usually start with a verse, or combination of verses, and then try to illustrate different levels of the idea with my brush. I sometimes combine Hebrew and English, but feel most directly connected to the verses in their original language.

Here are the works I'm currently offering:

(Click on any of the pictures for a larger view)

What are offered here are highest-quality color reproductions. In some cases the originals are also available, should you be interested. Please contact me by email with inquiries.

If you like my work, and there is a verse that specially speaks to you, I am also open to the possibility of doing a commissioned work based on that verse. In that case I would like to speak with you first and find out what you see in the verse, and what it means to you. Contact me first by and we can arrange a time to speak by telephone.

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I can be reached by email at, or by regular mail:
Tamar Spero
Mobile Post Efraim
IsraelTamar can also be reached by telephone at:
In Israel: 02-9942156
Outside of Israel: 972-2-9942156