Jewish Calligraphy and Illustration Studio

The scent of Ketoret is the place where the scent meets the Ketoret, which is to say the smell of it all, if you know what I mean. And what else could I mean, meaning what I say and saying what I scent. Ketoret.

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I live in the hills of Biblical Shilo, overlooking the valley and the site where once Hana and Eli the Cohen lived and breathed. I have a small workshop, out of which flows paintings reflecting the hills, the air, and the re-emergence of Am Yisrael.

Resting on the words of the Tora and the Prophets, I try to develop themes which reflect the expression of God in our lives, and the powerful things that have and are happening here in this land.

This site contains a collection of my work. The pieces offered are high-quality color reproductions, at very reasonable prices. In some cases, original pieces are also available. If you would like to commision a piece, please contact me by email.

I will be happy to open a discussion as to style, verse, and other possibilities. I paint because I feel that one of the ways I can express my position as a conduit between the land and God, is to express the beauty of God's world and his word and how they interact.

I can be reached by email at, or by regular mail:

Tamar Spero
Mobile Post Efraim

Tamar can also be reached by telephone at:
In Israel: 02-9942156
Outside of Israel: 972-2-9942156